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About AAIC Holdings

AAIC Holdings is a holding company for AAIC Group companies across the world.

We support business growth by providing strategic consulting, investment, management outsourcing, and other HR services globally, but our main focus is on Japan, Asia, Africa, and other emerging/new markets.

We will take on new challenges through know-how (strategic consulting & execution), capital (incubation & investment), and talent (HR services & global network) for growth and new value creation.

We will contribute to the realization of sustainable growth and value creation by cultivating human resources who can play active roles in the world and emerging countries and by providing them with a place where they can serve as leaders and professionals. We want to provide a field where each staff member can achieve their own goals and contribute to the world with sustainability and profitability at the same time.

投資育成事業|コンサルティング事業|経営人材・HR事業 投資育成事業|コンサルティング事業|経営人材・HR事業

Support for business growth through investment

  • Investment advisory
  • Fund establishment tailored to objective (such as LLP and SCP)
  • Fund management (AHF1, AHF2)
  • Self-financing business development

Support for business growth by consulting

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic alignment support
  • Business alliance/M&A advisory
  • Strategic implementation support
  • Business matching support
  • Support for entering
    the Japanese market

Support for business growth by HR

  • Hands-on support for management
  • Management outsourcing and dispatch
  • Recruiting support
  • HRM support


We are a strategic consulting firm that supports growth mainly in emerging countries and new fields.

With offices in Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Mumbai (India), Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Kigali (Rwanda), we have acquired considerable experience and a track record of achievements in the field. Through our local network, we provide consulting services to a wide range of clients, from global leaders to start-ups and from incubation to execution.

We are the first Japanese strategic consulting firm to open an office in Africa, one especially focusing on new fields (new businesses, advanced technology, etc.).

We support the growth of our clients not only through advisory business related to overseas expansion but also through M & A support, joint ventures, and joint partnerships.

Many of our branch leaders have 10 or more years of local experience, and they have rich local knowledge and experience and wide networks.


AAIC Consulting Services

Examples of recent business consulting and planning

M & A/Finding a potential partner [M & A/Partnership Program]
  • Acquire an HR company in Asia/Australia
  • Find a partner to develop a map for autonomous driving in the United States and standardize it across the world
  • Find a Southeast Asian game company to collaborate with to launch a game app
Starting a new business in Japan and overseas [New Business Support Program]
  • Plan and launch a new business in the IoT/AI industry
  • Develop a new water business in India
  • Plan and launch a client’s new business
Expanding into/entering Asia and Africa [Overseas Expansion Strategy & Operations Support Program]
  • Open a shopping mall in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc)
  • Open a secondary material factory in Myanmar or Cambodia
  • Open an outlet in Singapore
  • Start a direct-sale cosmetic shop in China
Knowing the emerging markets [Onsite Survey/Feasibility Study Program]
  • Identify business opportunities for the media and advertising business in Myanmar
  • Investigate the smart home market in Vietnam and the Philippines and build a market hypothesis
  • Research the used car market in East Africa
Market products and services in Asia and Africa [Real Sales Support Program]
  • Support sales in China and India
  • Introduce a distributor/agent in Africa


We support growth in emerging countries and new fields through self-financing, fund investment, and CVC management.

We established a fund management company, AAIC Investment Pte. Ltd., in Singapore in 2013.

In 2017, we established the Africa Healthcare Fund (AHF1) and invested in 30 health care and innovation-related companies operating in Africa*.

The Africa Innovation and Healthcare Fund (AHF2) was established in 2022.

We also provide venture discovery and incubation support in collaboration with government-affiliated organizations.

*Our 30th investee’s investment execution is scheduled for the end of September 2022.

Our Investment Portfolio in Africa

  • Africa Healthcare Fund (AHF1) in operation

    Target Countries: Various countries in Africa, with a focus on Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt
    Target Sectors: Medical and health care sectors

  • Africa Innovation and Healthcare Fund (AHF2) in operation

    Target Countries: Various countries in Africa, and the surrounding regions
    Target Sectors: Technology companies that support the building of social infrastructure, primarily in the medical and health care fields, but also in those in finance, insurance, logistics, etc.

AAIC Investment homepage – Click here for further information

Human Resource and Global Network

We support the growth of our companies through our experienced professional talent and global network.

In 2020, we established Global Angle, a research company with a global network of over 200 people (January 2024) in 70 countries around the world. We provide a wide range of support such as local view searches, interviews, consumer surveys, field visits, company listings/screenings, etc., through local researchers.

In addition, we also dispatch human resources to investment destinations and clients; introduce management human resources and global human resources: support the recruitment, employment, and management of local human resources; build global organizations; and support the development of global human resources.

We have a local network built through many years of strategic consulting and investment businesses, local influential people, and an advising team of African businesses for more than 50 years, and we support your growth.

Global Angle website – Click here for further information

Business DevelopmentSmart Village Project (Green & Agri)

We operate a 200ha macadamia nut plantation and processing business, OSTI/RNUNTS, in Rwanda as a co-founder and manager.

RNUTS (Rwanda Nuts Company) produces, processes, and sells macadamia nuts. It creates employment for about 350 local employees, earns foreign currency, improves the standard of living of 2,000 contract farmers, and contributes to empowering women. In 2021, the harvest started smoothly on our farm, and we were able to ship premium coffee for the first time. In the future, we plan to grow cacao and produce chocolate locally.

In addition, in Tanzania, etc., “smart” that realizes sustainable well-being such as farm business on a larger scale (about 2000ha), emission credit/CO2 absorption, solar/green hydrogen, education/medical care, and local community development. We are proceeding with the village project.

This project goes beyond mere farm development, (1) supporting a sustainable increase in income for the local community, (2) providing the three major infrastructures (electricity, wi-fi, drinking water), (3) providing education and medical care, (4) reducing greenhouse gas emissions/CO2, and (5) developing a project to build a “smart village” in a rural area of ​​Africa with the concept of building a creative community. We are working to realize this goal through the participation of many related companies.

OSTI website, RNUTS website – Click here for further information

Media Content

We operate “ANZA”, which means “begin” in Swahili, an information medium that supports companies expanding into Africa. ANZA provides varying information about African businesses.

We also actively disseminate information through reports and seminars produced by local expatriates and researchers.