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The AAIC Group employs people with various experiences and backgrounds.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from clients who aim for further growth in dynamic overseas and emerging countries, and those who want to take on the challenge of pioneering business frontiers.

Welcome to the AAIC Group


The AAIC Group’s mission is to take on the challenge of creating new value across the nations by consolidating know-how (strategic consulting & execution), capital (incubation & investment), and talent (HR services & global network).

AAIC values your pioneer spirit. Colleagues from diverse backgrounds are working hard every day with the desire to connect Japan’s competitive strengths and assets with the growth of emerging countries and initiate growth in new business fields.

At the time of AAIC’s founding, there were still a small number of Japanese companies seriously engaged in business in emerging countries.

Now, many companies have worked with our group and have grown into large businesses. New challenges are always tough yet truly exciting.

Together with our clients and investees, we are committed to growing together and creating new values.

Whether you are a new graduate, on a mid-career shift, or looking for an internship, we are looking for candidates who wish to create new growth together with a diverse group of people from diverse backgrounds, with a passionate heart and determination.

Thank you for your interest in AAIC Group.
We look forward to receiving your application.

Partner, Representative Director of AAIC Japan, Director of AAIC Consulting
Shohei Namba

Meet Our People

Nobuhiko IchimiyaManager (Lagos)

Prior to joining AAIC, I was the CFO of an E-commerce start-up company in Rwanda invested by one of the biggest Japanese IT companies. I was leading the finance team, in charge of corporate governance implementation. I was also engaged in power infrastructure industry focusing on IPP/IWPP for 7 years.
Currently, I am in charge of an investment fund, growing businesses together with leading startup entrepreneurs. I have been hooked with African society since I was a student. Putting yourself in this highly emerging African market would give you stimulations and would push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Chiaki HoshinoManager (Nairobi)

Based in Kenya, I am mainly in charge of supporting the expansion of Japanese companies into Africa (strategic consulting).
Not only European and American companies, but also Chinese and Indian companies are actively expanding into Africa, and global competition is unfolding.
It is highly competitive and challenging. I think that the real thrill of our company is the dynamism of formulating a strategy based on the research we conducted while working hard in putting it into action.

Takafumi IidaConsultant (Tokyo)

Based on my experience working as a bridge between countries for Japan’s interest in the public sector, it was a career shift for me to join AAIC and support the business expansion from private sector.

The appeal of AAIC is that it offers you a work environment with open communication, where you can work proactively and expeditiously and deepen your knowledge and insights through projects, and you can realise your individual growth goals.

Asuka MizuguchiAssociate (Lagos)

As a student, I visited 10 African countries and became interested in African business. In Africa, where there are still few Japanese companies, it is rare to find a company like AAIC that is taking on the challenge of consulting, investment, and other diverse approaches, and I wanted to work with people from a variety of backgrounds to carry out projects of high social and economic value. My days in Nigeria are a lot of trouble, but I am very excited to witness the opportunity to find/create a new market with local people by learning about the local reality and people’s insights.

David NdegwaAssociate (Nairobi)

I joined AAIC in 2018 after leaving multinational accounting firm where I worked as an auditor. At the time, I felt that I wanted to contribute to building the Kenyan economy and audit was not really giving me that opportunity. When I joined AAIC Kenya, I immediately felt that this organization was different. The interaction between team members was very respectful and I felt very welcomed. My nature of work involves me working with startups and growth companies where we continually provide support in order for them to reach their peak potential. For the first time, I felt like I was directly contributing to the growth of the Kenyan economy and I was, and still am, very satisfied with the work I do. Through investments, we help build these startups and growth companies and I derive my satisfaction from seeing these companies grow and excel. AAIC gave me the opportunity to not only contribute to their growth, but also to learn and grow as an individual.

Kurumi OtaAssociate (Singapore)

I first joined AAIC as an undergraduate intern, and upon graduating from Yale-NUS College in Singapore, joined the team officially as an Associate. Having spent most of my childhood and adolescent years in several different countries, I was strongly motivated to join a company with international exposure. My job scope encompasses market research, market-entry strategy development, and business strategy development for various industry segments including telecommunications, infrastructure, electronics, automobile, cosmetics and public health.
If I were to choose one thing about AAIC that I appreciate the most, it would be the people; Everyone is a team player, and generously takes time out of their busy schedules without hesitation to guide and advise those who seek it.