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Ogo’s paper was published in the Knowledge Report of JICA Ogata Research Institute

Singapore-19th June- An academic paper by Ogo, AAIC consultant, was published as a Knowledge Report at Japan International Cooperation Agency, Sadako Ogata Research Institute for Peace and Development (hereinafter referred to as” JICA OGATA Research Institute” ), dated June 2023.

●JICA Knowledge Report(in Japanese)
Japanese Companies’ Perceptions of and Approaches to Risk in Doing Business in Africa: From the Viewpoint of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship”.
No.7 アフリカへのビジネス展開における 日本企業のリスクの認識とアプローチについて -コーポレート・ソーシャル・アントレプレナーシップの視点から | 出版物 – JICA緒方研究所

This study focuses on Japanese companies’ approaches to promoting business development in Africa.
While the African markets are attracting increasing attention from around the world as a key area for future business development, the number of Japanese companies expanding into the African market is still small compared to other countries. One of the factors contributing to this is the concern about the “risk” of doing business in Africa.
Then, starting with the question of how Japanese companies doing business in Africa are approaching the region, we conducted a study of six Japanese companies that are expanding their business into Africa.

The report is written in the form of a JICA Knowledge Report based on an MBA thesis accepted by the Graduate School of Kobe University in September 2022.

In writing the Knowledge Report, we received careful and generous advice and cooperation from JICA officials, including the JICA OGATA Research Institute, which helped us to publish the report.

The publication of the JICA OGATA Research Institute’s Knowledge Report has outlined this research available to the general public, allowing it to be widely seen in the academic field and by private companies and support organizations. I hope this information will be helpful to you in your consideration of future business expansion into Africa.

●JICA Knowledge Report (in Japanese)
As one of the publications of the JICA OGATA Research Institute, the JICA OGATA Research Institute provides development practitioners with a forum for presenting their original ideas developed based on their experience and knowledge in international cooperation, factor analysis of local activity results, etc., to contribute to sharing and deepening knowledge on development and international cooperation in developing countries.

●AAIC Report (in Japanese)
The summary of the argument of this paper is also published in AAIC Report (April 25, 2023).