AAIC|Asia Africa Investment & Consulting


投資育成事業|コンサルティング事業|経営人材・HR事業 投資育成事業|コンサルティング事業|経営人材・HR事業

Support for business growth through investment

  • Investment advisory
  • Fund establishment tailored to objective (such as LLP and SCP)
  • Fund management (AHF1, AHF2)
  • Self-financing business development

Support for business growth by consulting

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic alignment support
  • Business alliance/M&A advisory
  • Strategic implementation support
  • Business matching support
  • Support for entering
    the Japanese market

Support for business growth by HR

  • Hands-on support for management
  • Management outsourcing and dispatch
  • Recruiting support
  • HRM support


“Together, for growth and new value creation”

– Integrate Japan’s competitive assets with the growth of emerging economies.
– Initiate growth in new business fields, which no one has done or accomplished.
– Create new value by consolidating through know-how (strategic consulting & execution), capital (incubation & investment), and talent (HR services & global network).

“Drive impact with a co-growth philosophy”

– Move the world with great devotion.
– To contribute to society, grow ourselves, and be happy physically and mentally.

“Leave a legacy for future generations”

– Cultivate talent to play active roles in emerging economies and new fields.


Be a leading company in maximizing growth, realising goals while ensuring sustainability/profitability, and contributing to the world.
  • Create new value in emerging countries/new business fields by consolidating through know-how (strategic consulting & execution), capital (incubation & investment), and talent (HR services & global network).
  • Create an environment that encourages diligence and promotes professional growth, to benefit the society.
  • Create a sustainable and professional model of organization that will last for 100 years.
  • Develop leaders in emerging countries and new business fields.


Enjoy your work and work proactively

– Always stay positive. Be curious and motivated and commit yourself to new challenges.
– Be proactive, think about the broader picture and to bring happiness to the world, rather than going through the motions just to get it done.
– Challenge yourself to new things. Be the first person to achieve. Create opportunities for yourself and grow with those opportunities.

Put the client first

– Do your utmost for our clients. Always challenge yourself beyond expectations.
– Share impactful insights which lead to trust with the clients.
– Create lifelong connections that will fuel your growth and assets.

Show professionalism and integrity

– Be professional. Be accountable for your growth and have professional integrity.

Demonstrate tenacity

– Have a spirit that never gives up until you achieve success.

Be ambitious. Challenge new things. Be the frontiers.

– Do your best for emerging countries, to create a better world. Challenge something no one has achieved.

Show mutual respect

– Have mutual respect with colleagues. Grow together through collaboration and maximize the power of teamwork.

Create happiness for yourself and your family

– Stay youthful and contribute to the world.