Creating prosperity for the new era

  • Integrate Japan’s competitive assets with the growth of emerging countries
  • Creating new value by consolidating strategy Consulting (knowledge), Investment (finance) and Managerial talent (human capital)
  • Initiating growth in new business fields (no one has done or accomplished)

Derive impact from co-growth philosophy

  • Devotion to the highest standards of integrity

Leave a legacy for the next generation

  • Mission-driven and skilled successors set to be active on a global scale


Creating new value in emerging countries/new business fields by consolidating strategy Consulting (knowledge), Investment (finance) and Managerial talent (human capital).

  • Create an environment that encourages diligence and promotes professional growth, to benefit the society
  • Create a sustainable and professional model / organization that will last for 100 years
  • Develop leaders in emerging countries and new business fields


1.Enjoy your work/ Working proactively

  • Always be positive.. Be interested in what you do and commit yourself to the new challenges, for the world, for the benefit of the society. Do what you want to do rather than going through the motion to get it done.
    Challenge yourself to new things. Realize what others have not done. Create opportunities yourself and grow with those opportunities.

2.Client comes First

  • Do your utmost for our clients. Always challenge yourself to exceed expectations. Expectations can be exceeded through derived Insights that create impact which leads to trust from the clients. Create lifelong connections that will fuel your growth and assets.

3.Professionalism and Integrity

  • Be professional. Take responsibility for your growth and have professional integrity.


  • Have a spirit that never give ups until you achieve success.

5.Ambition. Challenge new thing. Open new frontier.

  • Do your best for emerging countries, to lead to a better world. Challenge something no one has done.

6.Mutual Respect

  • Have mutual respect with colleagues. Improve together through collaboration and maximize the power of teamwork

7.Happiness for yourself and family

  • Contribute to the world and realize eternal youth.


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Company Information

Founded March, 2008
Business overview 1 Nurturing investments in emerging countries
2 Consulting and M&A
3 Management outsourcing / human capital

AAIC Holdings Pte.Ltd.
Asia Africa Investment and Consulting Pte. Ltd.(AAIC)
AAIC Consulting Pte. Ltd.
180B Bencoolen street,#05-02 The Bencoolen Singapore 189648

Tokyo, Japan
AAIC Japan Co., Ltd.
4-7-2 6 Toyokaiji Building, 7F, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Tel: 03-6721-5640 Fax: 03-6721-5649

Nairobi, Kenya
AAIC Partners Africa Ltd.
9th Floor PineTree Plaza, Kaburu Drive, off Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya
(Nairobi Garage)

Shanghai, China
AAIC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 01, 8/F, Unit A, Orient International Building,
No.85 Lou Shan Guan Road, Shanghai, 200336, China
tel: +86-21-627833116
fax: +86-21-62783123