About AAIC


  • Team comprises industry professionals & finance professionals with a wealth of experience
  • Former CEO of listed company
    Veteran partner with 15 years or more strategic consulting experience
    Primary market investor & business incubator expert
    New business developer & executive of listed company
    Representative that started up enterprise in China (Grew employee strength from 0 to 300 and turned profit)
    HRM expert of listed company
  • Fully committed support
  • Hand-in-hand support for starting up businesses
    Provision of talent, funding & expertise
  • Proprietary global network centered on Asia
  • Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, India, Middle East, Africa (Kenya)
  • Shared objective
  • "To do something about Japan; to create a new growth vision for Japan"

Company Overview

AAIC Consulting pte, ltd.
Executives Tsubaki Susumu [Representative]
Tanaka Hideya
Location 180B Bencoolen street,#05-02 The Bencoolen Singapore 189648
Tel : +65 6884-5563
AAIC Japan Co, Ltd.
Executives Tsubaki Susumu [Representative]
Namba Shohei
Location 4-7-2 6 Toyokaiji Building, 7F, Shinbashi, Minato-ku
Tokyo 105-0004
Tel: 03-6721-5640 Fax: 03-6721-5649
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Business Provider—
Labor Ministry Permit No. 13-YU-307375
Shanghai (China) / Mumbai (India) / Nairobi (Kenya)

Management Team


Representative Partner

As Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group, Japan, Tsubaki implemented business strategy, M&A strategy, new business startup, and globalization projects among others for high-tech, telco, web, and media content sectors. He was stationed at the San Francisco Office from 1995 to 1996. His experience consulting for major telcos, mobile phone companies, machinery manufacturers, high-tech component companies, gaming firms, and television stations, as well as IT and web firms, consumer goods companies, and more spanned 15 years. In 2006 he was appointed as Representative Director and President of a listed company. He has also served as an External Director for Tomy Company, Ltd., Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd., Atlus Co., Ltd., etc.

Tsubaki established Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd. (now AAIC) in 2008, and was appointed Representative Director and President / Representative Partner. He has carried out new business development, market penetration support, M&A and partner sourcing support, business conversion support, etc. through consulting and investment in emerging countries and regions including China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2014, he was involved in the formation of Japan's first Africa-focused fund and implemented operations. He has authored numerous publications and has spoken at many events, and is a professor at Business Breakthrough University.

Tsubaki graduated from the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tokyo.



At Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., Tanaka was involved in sales planning, business planning and management, marketing, new business development, and strategy formulation work. From 2002, he specialized in establishing ad media and HR businesses in China. Along with starting up businesses in China, he is responsible for key management issues including business planning, marketing, human resource and recruitment, financial, legal, and regulatory counterstrategy, establishing a network of 3 cities, 3 businesses, 5 representative offices, and an employee strength of 300 that started from 0.

Tanaka established Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd. (now AAIC) in 2008, and was appointed Partner. He is mainly responsible for support services including business strategy formulation, business planning, marketing, research, business formation and operation, and management support in Chinese regions and Southeast Asia. In particular, he promotes optimization support services for the business lifecycle ranging from pre-establishment to post-exit in various product and industrial sectors in China including manufacturing, service, logistics, trading, and web businesses.

Tanaka graduated from the School of Commerce at Waseda University.

難波 昇平

NAMBA Shohei

At IBM Japan, Namba was involved in business systemization strategy, supply chain overhaul, business operation improvement, etc. centered on global projects in the West and Asia. When he was stationed in India, he was involved in planning and developing production management solutions for the steel industry. As Platform Division Manager at Gree, Inc., he created global platforms, planned virtual currency circulation, dealt with financial regulations in various jurisdictions, promoted business development, etc. When he was stationed in the United States, he was involved in establishing business operations for a gaming studio.

Namba joined Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd. (now AAIC) in 2014, and was appointed Director in 2015. He supports implementation of outlet-opening strategy and marketing for Asian commercial entities, formulation of market entry strategy for production factories, support for foreign market entry for online research firms, etc. Besides having worked on several foreign market entry projects, he is responsible for domestic new business planning.

Namba graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering at Keio University.



At The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Yamaguchi was responsible for projects including business portfolio strategy, overseas business strategy, M&A strategy, post M&A business integration (PMI), new business startup, sales strategy, R&D strategy, and business turnaround. He has consulted for a range of companies including mobile phone companies, automobile manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers, high-tech component companies, trading firms, banks, securities firms, and power companies.

Yamaguchi joined Pan Asia Partners Co., Ltd. (now AAIC) in 2011, and was appointed Director in 2016. He is responsible for clients in manufacturing, retail, IT, web, etc., focusing on market research in the respective markets, selection of local partner companies, support for business partnerships, support for establishing local offices, and other services related to market entry in Southeast Asian countries.

Yamaguchi graduated from the Faculty of Economics at The University of Tokyo.